BWFR 4 Elements
& Visions

BWFR activity focuses on
4 elements that are the

practical guideline
for our vision.


1. Networking

As we believe that networking and getting to know more business women

will support your business needs, we decided to change the regular networking

perspective and perfected it into a networking art!
BWFR supports the members to increase their business through a positive,

structured and professional referral networking program.
Our networking is done in each and every meeting on several methods and

with the help of a matchmaking software technology.

Each one of us is unique. Some of us are shy; some of us don’t have the ability

to allocate the right person we want to meet, the right person that possess a link

that can be fruitful to our business.
Our activities are offering a new approach - no more hanging around over useless "networking coffee breaks"... but a focused networking meeting where you get the chance to meet potential clients, partners and future joint ventures, which will enable you to develop long-term, meaningful business relationships with other quality women.

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2. Know-How & inspiration

BWFR provides a widespread access to know-how via seminars, conferences, circle meetings, workshops, 1:1 meetings with the BWFR consultant members, and more...
BWFR covers all the topics that are relevant for women in business: access to financing, marketing, PR, sales, management, legal aspects, tax & insurance, negotiations skills, and also life skills related to family life and its business correlation, managing stress and a healthy lifestyle.
We cover all the topics which are needed for supporting a business woman on her way to success and remain open to our member’s needs, by continuing open-mindedly to add and cover more topics.
We aim to provide you with new sources of inspiration and know-how in helping you building your business, promote it and achieve a continuous growth.

BWFR methodology uses practical know-how given by successful business women, entrepreneurs and managers from all over the world who will inspire you.

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3. The Money Academy - Access to financing

Access to financing is one of the essential foundations for a successful business. We have acknowledged that in many of the cases a lack of know-how in the field of finances, along with the challenges of the actual access to financiers, are preventing businesses in achieving their goal.
BWFR main goals are providing this know-how and support you for a better access to financing, along with the financial skills & understanding every business woman must have.
The "Money Academy" is a modular part of BWFR. In collaboration with Business Woman magazine, we provide on a monthly basis a new practical tool related to getting a business loan, fundraising, working with banks, talking with investors/ angels and many other aspects that target your immediate and future financial needs.
We aim to keep a simple and friendly approach in all aspects related to money, breaking the "circle of silence" and revealing the inside secrets of the finance industry.

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4. Multinational & bilingual (Romanian & English)

BWFR is a multinational organization, originated by local & foreign business women in Romania.
Our activities are done in English and Romanian aiming to offer women new culture backgrounds, exposure to all kinds of inspiration and business women from all over the world, while exposing us to foreign markets as well.

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