PR & Advertising Seminar

 9 Oct 2018  18:00-21:00 

#METOO and you?!  

In October 2017 the famous actress Alyssa Milano twitted on her
twitter account - #METOO. 
67k comments to this historical tweet represented a hint for what was about to come, as #metoo became a global mega trend, with major effects on the marketing, all the media channels and mainly on the social media.

What can we learn from this? There are so many ideas and practices that shaped, and still do, the current playground for many companies and services.


Our MUZA seminar will cover this topic from a marketing, PR and media point of view, around the globe and also in Romania!
This is your time to hear some of the leading marketing managers and media representatives, in a cozy and open discussion, as well to share your view on the proposed topic, in the BWFR spirit.


18:00-18:45 #METOO and you?
An open media panel with some of the leading media owners / managers in Romania.

  • How do we analyze #METOO, as a global marketing trend

  • #METOO and the Romanian media

  • Live examples on #METOO  and the way in which it influenced our media

  • How can each one of us benefit from the #METOO trend, from a business point of view. 


18:45-19:45 - Oana Bulexa - MSL The Practice - 

#METOO & Credibility 

20:00 - 20:30 - Osnat Peled - MCBA EVO SOCIAL MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES

#METOO and online crisis management 

20:30- 21:00 BWFR live networking session


Osnat Peled
Managing partners -
Oana Bulexa
Managing Director
The Practice
Mara Coman
Marie Claire Chief-Editor
Diana Colcer
Cosmopolitan Chief-Editor
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