My Path. Entrepreneurial Journey

The first business management program that targets existing company owners who never studied within an official "startup" academy.

Owning a company can be a very lonely task...but you are not alone! 

This is the unique annual program that targets to add know-how for company owners who already have an active company, but feel that they are lacking the fundamental know-how to lead their business in the right way. You may have a brilliant marketing background…but you still need to have an important knowledge in finance, legal, sales and other critical elements that are mandatory for your business performance.

This unique program targets:

1. Support company owners on their path, creating their entrepreneurial journey and making it a successful one;

2. Provide advanced tools from all the required business domains;

3. Starting from zero - but not for "startups" - we understand that your company has other needs and you are not a startup anymore!

4. Creating a safe ground for sharing our challenges and brainstorming for solutions.

The workshops started in January 2018 and the meetings are organized once a month, usually from 18:00 to 21:00. Each workshop will be conducted by local and international professionals from various business fields. You can choose whether to join all the workshops or only some of them.  

Can I join?

The program is open to BWFR members. You can join BWFR here. BWFR membership is FREE. 

Eligible members shall be the following:
1. Company owners/general directors/ managers; 
2. Senior corporate managers; 

3. NGO  owners /senior managers. 

Program Manager
  • LinkedIn OSNAT PELED
  • Facebook OSNAT PELED

28.1.20 18:00-21:00

My Path - HR seminar

11.2.20 18:00-21:00

11.02 –BE Club - Style Me Up
My Path - From passion to fashion – Brand success story

2.4.20 18:00-21:00

My Path - How to sell a pink banana

21.5.20 18:00-21:00

I’m a Queen– BWFR Birthday
My Path – Karma is a pitch!

30.6.20 18:00-21:00

My Path & The Money Academy - Halfway there

8.10.20 18:00-21:00

My Path - MUZA – PR & Advertising seminar

11.11.20 18:00-21:00

My Path – Planning 2021

16.12.20 18:00-21:00

My Path - Keyword Innovation

Why should I join? 

  • To increase knowledge and optimize my business skills;

  • To learn directly from successful entrepreneurs; 

  • To have a chance to ask direct questions that nobody else can answer;

  • To meet like-minded company owners businesswomen;

  • To be a part of a great networking circle.




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