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BWFR-BRCC free joint online networking event

21 May 2020 | 17:30-18:30



Join us for a free joint online networking event between BWFR and BRCC. 


This is an informal business networking event, where the BWFR & BRCC members can meet, collaborate and share business ideas.


The event will also host an interactive pannel, "Mind the gap", with top leading speakers from several domains, who will share strategies and valuable ideas on how to "bridge the gap" that was created for many companies during the corona-crisis. 


We are welcoming also businessmen at this event!

BWFR members can book via this link:
BRCC members can book via this link:


Spots are limited!




Panoul interactiv BWFR-BRCC Mind the Gap:  

  • Iuliana Pirvu -   Partener, Auditor și Expert Contabil la Sagitarius Consulting SRL; 

  • Osnat Peled -  Managing Partner - MCBA  Soluții online de branding de angajator EVO; 

  • Florin Maxim -  Director la Institutul de Cultură a Ospitalității; 

  • Marius Hanganu -  Managing Partner la Tremend; 

  • Claudia Rawlings -  Owner & Creative Director la Dr. Fashion


Sesiune de rețea online BWFR-BRCC

Pregătește-te să creezi noi colaborări și să  împărtășește idei de afaceri! 

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