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Alexandra Elly Nemtoiu

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Founder & Social Media Consultant

ELLEVENTS Consulting


I started my career 15 years ago as a non-formal educator, having the opportunity to take part in national and international projects for youngsters and students. As I always had a connection with people and writing, I developed my profession in communication field making strong steps in Marketing, PR and event planning. Of course all of this resulted in a degree in Communication, Journalism & Philosophy, a master degree in European Public Politics and Business Management, workshops and courses, both in various countries in Europe and in Israel.

I believe there is always a great story to be told, so I aim to find the best tools in order to spread around wonderful stories about people and brands. 

For the last 4 years I am a digital marketing consultant working together with my team at ELLEVENTS Consulting - marketing and event management agency that I proudly established in 2015.



My Leadership motto

Leadership  for me is inspiration, motivation, knowledge and involvement.

Elly Nemtoiu

Alexandra Elly Nemtoiu

Founder & Social Media Consultant ELLEVENTS Consulting

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