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What are the feelings you encounter when starting a new business? Excitement, happiness, fear of uncertainty?

We know for sure - starting something new is never easy. But all the steps count and, with a little bit of guidance, you will soar to the moon!

This is why we are glad to present to you our new My Path program - Growing MY Business. This set of workshops will provide you with the necessary tools for getting your new business on the right track. 

We will cover everything: strategic planning, marketing, sales, human resources and, of course, building YOUR leader mentality! 

10 workshops  - starting this  January 2022,
mostly online, usually from 17:00 to 18:30.



The program is open to BWFR members. You can join BWFR here. BWFR membership is FREE. 

Eligible members shall be the following:
1. Company owners/general directors/ managers; 
2. Senior corporate managers; 

3. NGO  owners /senior managers. 


This program is right for you if:


You are thinking of creating a new company or an NGO


You need advanced tools from all the required business domains


You are in need to share your business challenges and brainstorm for solutions.


20 Years of practical entrepreneurial and managerial experience

Working with hundreds of companies and assuring their path to success

Relocated in Bucharest, Romania for the last 15 years

Results oriented, carrying her own entrepreneurial portfolio of companies

Community developer, currently serving as the president of Business Women Forum Romania (5000 members)

Awarded with several special prizes including Top business women of the year (2018) and special contribute as an expat business woman in Romania (2019)

  • LinkedIn OSNAT PELED
  • Facebook OSNAT PELED

Why should I join? 

  • To increase knowledge and optimize my business skills;

  • To learn directly from successful entrepreneurs; 

  • To have a chance to ask direct questions that nobody else can answer;

  • To meet like-minded company owners businesswomen;

  • To be a part of a great networking circle.


MY PATH Program - Growing MY Business 

14.12.21 18:00-21:00

Launching My Path - Planning 2022

26.01.22 17:00-18:30

My Path - Growing MY business: 10 must have decisions when starting a company/NGO - Online

23.02.22 17:00-18:30

My Path - Growing MY business: Market like a PRO – how to build a marketing strategy that works - Online

16.03.22 18:00-21:00

My Path - Growing MY business:  SHE DID IT (with BE Club)


05.04.22 17:00-18:30

My path - Growing MY business: How to sell a pink banana - Sales without selling part A - Online


19.05.22 17:00-18:30

My Path - Growing my business: How to sell a pink banana - Sales without selling part B - Closing a deal - Online