About us

BWFR is a non-profit organization made by women, operated by women and dedicated to women’s enrichment, support, and networking in the business arena.

We are dedicated to supporting women in any management position, women who are entrepreneurs, business owners, NGO leaders, corporate managers, as well as any ambitious women who wish to increase their business activity, promote themselves, enlarge their network and progress their know-how, by having inspiration from other successful businesses and women from all kinds of domains.
Additionally, we strive to support women who are thinking of starting a business, during their start-up process, be it now or in the near future. 
We have created an atmosphere of comfort, an open community, and a safe zone, for our organization’s members to come to ask questions, share their know-how and get advice from other women. 

We have built a business family of women, who are entrepreneurs in life and soul, proposing you the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded women, who understand what you want and need, so we can make you flourish.

Business Women Forum Romania is a multinational organization originated and operated by local & foreign businesswomen from Romania. 

Our activities are done in English and Romanian, targeting to expose women to all kinds of inspiration, business methodologies and different backgrounds that women from all over the world can offer.

As a multinational forum, we communicate as well with similar forums locally and all over the world to increase our exposure and create multinational collaborations for the benefit of foreign markets exposure.

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We have built a vibrant community of women, who are entrepreneurs in life and soul proposing you the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded women, who understand what you want and need, so we can make you flourish.

Our Mission

BWFR mission stands on 2 main pillars:

1. Offering business and managerial know-how: 

By offering our members weekly activities, both offline and online, exposing them to all kinds of inspiration sources, business methodologies, and different skill sharing that women from all over the world can offer.

2. Networking:

Every BWFR event includes a live networking session in which women can meet other like-minded members and create prosperous collaborations in all kinds of directions. 

Our Vision

The BWFR philosophy and mission stand on the following pillars:


  • Free membership:
    BWFR membership is free to every woman and it is part of the NGO's foundation, keeping equal opportunities to all women who wish to develop themselves in the business arena.  


  • Increase know-how as an individual:
    The organization provides its members with special courses, training and events, targeting to offer a large variety of business skills to women who are interested to grow and develop themselves in the business environment. Through investment in the individual skills of each woman in a key position, we manage together to create a better society and support the growth of the economy on all levels (employment, diversity and inclusion, supporting other NGOs and more). 


  • Inspire us and be inspired:
    Being exposed directly to successful women from all domains has a major influence on each member, by the simple understanding that everything is possible via mutual learning and collaborations.


When do we meet?

We meet on many occasions, in our workshops & meetings, all the time.

We meet on a monthly basis on several occasions, within our workshops and circle meetings.

We organize throughout the year, professional and business informative events that address a variety of important topics that we have defined as vital to our members.


Our masterminding sessions are rich with ideas and brainstorming opportunities that are designed to help businesswomen from all fields come up with strategies in the spirit of sharing, helping, and networking with the community of other professionals who are in the room.

In each and every session, meeting, or conference, we also include a networking session, that aims to enrich your business contacts and share your contacts with other members as well.

Click here to see our agenda and program. 

The Open Door Program

Women should stand for and support other women in need.

The business arena combines many challenges and difficult times. In these times, we will embrace you and be there for you.

Our management board, consultants, and fellow members will support you in any way possible to overcome hard periods. Our events and seminars are charged only with a single reduced fee for each event, in order to cover some of the administrative and advertising costs of the association BUT, in case you would like to participate and cannot afford to pay this fee you can participate free of charge!