Meeting on a weekly basis, covering all you need to promote your work/ business - sales, marketing, legal, financing and more...

Workshops & networking




Gain essential know-how in regards to money & financing.

The Money Academy



Personal development club, providing you with tools to promote your inner self. 

Be Club

Explore and learn about essential topics for your development. 


Join our annual Gala and parties. 

Parties & events

An annual program aiming to build capability and skills for emerging and aspiring female leaders across all sectors and industries in Romania.

Leadership program

MADE IN WOMANIA is our unique B2B Trade Arena concept!


The arena is open for any BWFR member in any domain and industry, who is looking for suppliers, service providers, workers & NGOs seeking for volunteers. 

Made in Womania

Business Management Program.

My Path

Download the program. 


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