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BWFR Activities & Programs

Workshops & Networking

BWFR workshops are handled on a weekly basis. We meet after work usually between 18:00-21:00.


The workshops cover all kinds of business topics – sales, marketing, management, media, PR, finance, management, HR, legal, tax…and actually any issue or topic that a businesswoman is tackling on her day to day work.

The workshops are made by expert businesswomen, leading professionals and top managers in local & foreign companies.


The workshops are held within an open atmosphere, in the spirit of sharing ideas and challenging topics, focusing on a practical approach to provide you with a real “tool kit” on your way to success.


We include in each workshop also a networking session, in accordance with the applicable methodology – read here about our networking methods. 


Leadership Program

A one-year-long & practical program, aiming to build capability and skills for emerging and aspiring female leaders across all sectors and industries in Romania. 

This is a women's leadership program in Romania, open to women business owners. Our goal is to support, guide, inform, and propel you to become the best leader you can be.

As a part of the program, you’ll receive exceptional leadership training, advice, and support from nationally and internationally recognized leaders, originating from prestigious companies and the academic world.


She's Next is a program dedicated to women entrepreneurs, offered by ING Bank Romania and Visa in collaboration with Impact Hub Bucharest, aiming to support the development of women-led businesses by facilitating access to essential growth resources.

We invite our BWFR members to apply for this project and benefit from the proposed support, visibility for your business, and the opportunity to access a special 10,000 Euro grant!


Lean In Circles

Lean in Circles is a tailor-made peer-to-peer empowering program, having a supporting group working frame, that was successfully implemented within Vodafone in other countries.
It is a joint-venture program that we are doing together with Vodafone Romania, being inspired, designed and based on the lean in global initiative, that encourages women to pursue their ambitions, moving the conversation from what a person cannot do, to what they can do.

Lean In.png

My Path

This is a unique annual program that targets to add know-how for company owners who already have an active company, but feel that they are lacking the fundamental know-how to lead their business in the right way.

You may have a brilliant marketing background…but you still need to have an important knowledge in finance, legal, sales and other critical elements that are mandatory for your business performance.

MADE IN WOMANIA is our unique B2B Trade Arena concept!

The arena is open for any BWFR member from any domain and industry, who is looking for: 

  • Suppliers; 

  • Service providers; 

  • Workers; 

  • NGOs seeking for volunteers.  

This is the right way to create collaborations, mutual projects and endless prosperity!

Copy of Made in womania for group.png

The Money Academy

Gathering financial know-how is one of
the keys to success in business.
BWFR has created  "The Money Academy", in order to share important financial information that
will help every business owner, company, manager, senior manager, entrepreneur, start-up & NGO, to better understand how the financial world works and how to approach
it in a professional way.

BE Club

Personal development workshops & networking that

are organized once a month.

The main vision and target of these workshops is to provide tools in the area of personal development to businesswomen in all business positions and activity domains.



BWFR seminars are mini-courses, including 3-4 sessions to cover a complete topic. We run these kinds of seminars a few times every year, providing a deeper approach to a topic that was requested by our members.


The seminars are handled for a short period, with a single meeting every 2 weeks after work – 18:00-21:00, and include as well a short networking session during each meeting.


Our seminars are led by expert businesswomen, leading professionals and top managers in local & foreign companies, within an open atmosphere, in the spirit of sharing ideas and challenging topics, focusing on a practical approach, to provide you with a real “tool kit” on your way to success. We include case studies, training sessions and a pragmatic view.

Parties & social events

BWFR hosts several social events, parties and galas throughout the year.

Follow our agenda to get updates about our parties & social events.


Inspirational Speaker

By Osnat Peled 

An inspirational workshop held by the leading motivational keynote speaker Osnat Peled, that will trigger leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, and sparkle some extra motivation to dare, dream and focus!


100% of the fee will be donated for

BWFR (non-profit)

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