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She's Next is a program dedicated to women entrepreneurs, offered by ING Bank Romania and Visa in collaboration with Impact Hub Bucharest, aiming to support the development of women-led businesses by facilitating access to essential growth resources.

Throughout the program, 10 entrepreneurs who pass the initial selection will benefit from one-on-one mentorship sessions and group coaching, as well as access to a community of entrepreneurs where they can find new ideas and solutions.

Apply by May 25, 2024!

Mentorship, Grants, and Concrete Solutions

Through the She's Next program, ING Romania and Visa, offer women entrepreneurs like you the support they need to develop their businesses.
We understand the obstacles and barriers you may encounter on your entrepreneurial journey.

That's why we're here to help you with resources that will truly impact your progress: from personalized mentorship and grants, to access to a community ready to support you with ideas and solutions.

We invite our BWFR members to apply for this project and benefit from the proposed support, visibility for your business, and the opportunity to access a special 10,000 Euro grant!

Program Structure and Benefits:

Within this unique program, 10 entrepreneurs will be selected to participate.
Once admitted, they will receive:


One-on-one sessions with experienced mentors, focused on your and your business's development needs.

2 group coaching sessions, where you will interact with the entire community of entrepreneurs and together, find solutions to common problems or perhaps even launch new initiatives collectively.


Access to other mentors who can inspire you, with the availability of one or two meetings.

All of these will prepare you for the final program pitch, where you will present the project you want to develop within your business.
The best part?

Three finalists will each go home with a grant of 10,000 euros. If you win, you'll be able to implement your business's development and growth plans as you see fit.

3 grants of 10,000 euros each.


BWFR official program partner!

Have any questions? 

We are here to help!

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