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BWFR Networking

As an entrepreneur, company owner, or a leading manager, networking is a critical key activity to your personal growth and business development.

One of BWFR’ s main goals is to help you increase your business activity through a structured, professional referral marketing networking program. Our methods enable you to develop meaningful long-term relationships with quality entrepreneurs, business professionals, and business managers.

We see networking as a key factor that we incorporate in every meeting, conference, and workshop; Therefore, the BWFR networking session is always arranged in each event. Our activities are offering a new approach - no more hanging around over useless "networking coffee breaks"... but a focused networking meeting where you get the chance to meet potential clients, partners, and future joint ventures that will enable you to develop long-term, meaningful business relationships with other quality women.

In order to build a truly successful network, you shall be sincerely committed to helping one another through networking, the same way as if you were a team.

How Does BWFR Networking Work?

For each meeting that we hold, we coordinate 2 types of networking activities, customized to the nature of the activity or to the number of participants in this certain meeting.

Each one of us is unique.
Some of us are shy; some of us don’t have the ability to assign the right person we want to meet, the right person who possesses a link that can be fruitful to our business.

No more hanging around in useless “wine tasting events” or coffee breaks… in BWFR activities you will maximize your time and meet up with new businesses to share contacts, ideas, and clients. Even if you are shy or do not know how to “push yourself”, you will find out that our networking models fit you.

BWFR networking guidelines

We recommend you to read the following guidelines prior to your participation in BWFR events & networking. BWFR philosophy is built upon the idea of: 
"the more you give, the better you gain".

Pure networking is not only about meeting people and telling them about your business, but it's also about HELPING your network in achieving their goals, by offering them new referrals. Creating your active network shall lead to actual “salespeople” who are working for you on a constant basis, supporting you in promoting your business…but the only way to achieve it is by doing the same for them.


The BWFR model offers you the opportunity to share ideas, potential contacts, active networks, and most importantly, business referrals. We achieve that by helping you build personal 1:1 relationships with other qualified business professionals from all kinds of domains. Building a successful business takes a lot of time, effort, and drive, so it’s good to have a large network of friends, colleagues, and associates to draw energy from and to keep you going on your way to success.

By surrounding yourself with other businesswomen who share a similar drive and ambition, you are more likely to move forward as a group and inspire each other for better results. Successful networking requires commitment.

How to be prepared for a BWFR networking meeting?

In order to reach the best results and remain efficient in your networking meetings, we recommend the following steps:

✓ Business cards - Prepare a large number of your business cards; 

✓ Be on time - Do not be late to the meeting, do not leave before the networking session is finished – both can create the wrong impression; 

✓ Invest in your appearance – the first impression always helps!

✓ Short info - Practice your 1-minute presentation – prepare to talk shortly about your business; 

✓ Short demand – direct the listener to what kind of clients you are looking for, be specific and you will get what you need; 


To complete the circle, make sure to:

✓ Arrange and organize all your business cards; 

✓ Add your new contacts to your LinkedIn network; 

✓ Follow up with a friendly email and invite them to keep in touch; 

✓ Support your network with referrals, the more, the better, to bring you the same results!

✓ Recommend your business fellows to join our free network.

Top motivations to network

Fresh ideas

Building your own network can be an excellent source of new perspectives and ideas to help you in your business or role.

Sometimes you may think you are alone in your struggles, but while doing networking you will soon find out that somebody else has faced the same difficulties and might be able to offer you new perspectives on solutions.

Building your profile

Becoming visible and getting noticed is a huge benefit of networking. By attending business and social events on a regular basis, people will start to recognize you and this will help you build your reputation as a knowledgeable, trustworthy and supportive person, by offering helpful information or unique tips to people who need it. 

Amplified confidence

Through regular networking and pushing yourself to talk to people that you don’t know, you help boost your confidence.

As a business owner, this is an important attribute because the growth of your business depends on communicating with people and making connections.

Strengthening relationships

Networking is built on sharing and not taking. It is about building trust and helping each other towards your goals. Engaging with your contacts and finding new opportunities to assist them, supporting and strengthening the relationship. Through this, you plant the seeds for mutual assistance, for the help you will need in achieving your goals.

New information

Networking is a wonderful opportunity to interchange the best practice knowledge, to find out about the business techniques of your peers while being updated with all the latest industry developments. An expanded network of informed, interconnected contacts results in wider access to new and valuable information.


You must remember that you are not just obtaining exposure to the people in the room, you are structuring connections with their network as well.

If people from their circle have a need that matches your business and if you have made an impression, you will most probably receive a referral.

Also, if someone in your network could match a business you were introduced to in the event, don't hesitate to share their details.

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