BWFR Networking

As an entrepreneur, company owner or a leading
manager, networking is a critical key activity to
your personal growth and business development.


One of the BWFR main goals is to help you increase your business activity through a structured, professional referral marketing networking program.
Our methods enable you to develop meaningful long term relationships
with quality entrepreneurs, business professionals and business managers.
We view networking as a key element which we include in every
meeting, conference, and workshop; for each, we organize a BWFR networking session.
Our activities are offering a new approach - no more hanging around over
useless "networking coffee breaks"... but a focused networking meeting
where you get the chance to meet potential clients, partners, and future joint ventures, that will enable you to develop long-term, meaningful business relationships with other quality women.

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How Does BWFR Networking Work?

We manage 2 types of networking activities in each meeting that we conduct, customized to the nature of the activity or the number of participants in this certain meeting.
Each one of us is unique. Some of us are shy, some of us don’t have the ability to allocate the right person we want to meet, the right person that possesses a link that can be fruitful to our business. 
No more hanging around in useless “wine tasting events” or coffee breaks… in BWFR activities you will maximize your time and meet up with new businesses to share contacts, ideas, and clients. Even if you are shy or do not know how to “push yourself”, you will find out that our networking models fit you.


We recommend you to get prepared before our events – read our guidelines

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