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About the program
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BWFR is proud to announce the launch of the 6th edition of our Leadership Program. As is the tradition every year, we will oversee a one-year-long, practical program, with the aim of building capabilities and skills for emerging and aspiring female leaders across all sectors and industries in Romania."

Can I join?

The program is limited to 20 participants!

Eligible candidates shall be one of the following:
1. Company owners/ general directors/ managers; 
2. Senior corporate managers; 

3. NGO owners.  

This marks the launch of the sixth edition of the Women's Leadership Program in Romania, the first of its kind, open to women business owners, executive managers, and NGO founders. The upcoming edition is set to commence this April 2024.

Our goal is to support, guide, inform, and propel you to become the best leader you can be. As part of the program, you'll receive exceptional leadership training, advice, and support from nationally and internationally recognized leaders originating from prestigious companies and the academic world.

This highly practical program, including case studies and real examples, will assist you in increasing your skills and knowledge, enhancing your understanding of effective leadership, and engaging you in a powerful, peer-oriented, shared learning experience.

BWFR's Women's Leadership Program aims to instill greater confidence, improve your communication skills, influence your abilities, and cultivate the right leadership voice, enabling you to thrive in any business environment as a leader and a woman.


Through experiential learning grounded in your own professional context, you will learn powerful new techniques.

Additionally, the program includes a personal practicum chapter where each student will apply the studied leadership ideas in her professional and personal life. The practicum is conducted with personal mentoring by the professional team of the course, aiming to help you bring the best version of the leader in you into real life.

The meetings are organized once a month from 16:00 to 20:00. Each workshop will be conducted IN ENGLISH by local and international professionals from various business and academic fields.


Meet our speakers, discover the full program, and apply today! 
Spots are limited and those applying are subjected to a personal interview

Program fee - 3100 lei (for the whole program)

NGOs are excluded from payment (no fee)
Thanks to our sponsors' participation and support in this important program!

*The speakers' list and workshop titles/order are both subject to changes.*

Discover What Our Alumnae Are Saying!


Why should I enroll? 

  • To increase knowledge and optimize skills; 

  • To meet top-level leaders and businesswomen; 

  • To be a part of a premium networking circle; 

  • To be promoted within the business community. 

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The program's managers
Roxana Craciun_edited.jpg
Roxana Craciun

HR Director. Mentor and Public Speaker.

gabriela elena dura_edited.jpg
Gabriela Dura

Self-Mastery & Leadership Coach and Author

OSNAT PELED_edited.jpg
Osnat Peled

BWFR founder
Managing partner at MCBA EVO

Ana Maria Conache_edited.jpg
Ana Maria Genoveva Conache

Country manager - 
Frey Wille

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Sponsors & partners
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The venue
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