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Call for artists

(All Genders)

Abstract Painting
Holding a Gold Hoop


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(All Genders)

A special opportunity for talented artists

BWFR received a unique opportunity to promote and support Romanian Artists worldwide through a very interesting long-term artistic project, that will contribute to the development of the artists and expose their artwork to a large audience, worldwide.

The project’s complete details will be given to the artists directly by the project manager, only if they were eligible and accepted for the project.


We invite you to apply:

1. Artists from the following domains:

  • Painting (All types of contemporary paintings)

  • Sculpture (All types: stone, bronze / Metal, wood, or clay)

2. Art Portfolio – presenting your artwork

3. Short description of your art

4. CV – including phone and email 


The opportunity is for Men and Women of all ages, all over Romania
Our ambition is to work together to create a more inclusive environment that attracts all types of artists of any gender and to promote diversity.

The chosen artists will benefit from:

  • Scholarship for 1 to 7 years

  • Continuous supply of top-level equipment and working materials

  • Support from international art experts & Advisors

  • Personal & Artistic development plan

  • Worldwide exposure for the artwork and artists, through our international marketing division

  • Being part of a special talented community


Please fill the form below with all the required information and your detailed application or send it by email to:


The first session will be closed on 15.09 or earlier (based on the number of applications) so we encourage you to apply soon.

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