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Anamaria Damian

Social Lions Agency -  Founder


Anamaria Damian is Founder and Head of digital strategy at Social Lions Agency and works with General Managers, Marketing Managers and Sales Directors to grow their business using online marketing campaigns with measurable results.

After spending 6 years working in advertising for NGOs and top companies in Banking and FMCG,

Anamaria started her specialization in digital marketing strategy and founded the agency in 2011.  Now she works with companies active in IT / software, ecommerce, robotics, hospitality, medical industries.

In addition to her extensive marketing and communication experience, Anamaria has almost 4 years of training in personal and professional development.​.



My Leadership motto

Who has the leadership of your life? Before you can lead others, you must lead yourself.

Anamaria Damian 

Social Lions Agency

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