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The Business Women Forum Romania invites you to join us and become a member in our organization and activities.
Our Membership is FREE – Join Us today!

We are dedicated to supporting women from any management position, women who are entrepreneurs, business owners, NGO leaders, corporate managers and any ambitious women to increase their business activity, promote themselves, enlarge their network and progress their know-how by drawing inspiration from other successful businesses and women from all kinds of domains. Additionally, we strive to support women who are thinking of starting a business, during their start up process, be it now or in the near future.
We have created an atmosphere of comfort, community and a safe zone for our organization’s members to come to ask questions and get advice.


We are building a community of women, which are entrepreneurs in life and soul. 
Surround yourself with like-minded women, who understand what you want and need, so we can make you flourish.




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