Cristina Micosovici

ex. Sales Director - Just Smile and Travel


Born in Constanta, settled in Bucharest. I started working as a young girl. Although for a short period, my first job as Assistant Manager/Sales Assistant taught me a lot. My loyalty was proven at my second work place, where I spent several years.

My desire for personal growth and development was continuously rising. So I became what I set my mind to: a successful person, General Manager of a company for almost a decade.

Nevertheless, I have not put my personal life on second place. I have married the man of my life and had a child. Raising my beautiful baby boy was not easy and the process has not ended yet. And I am not really sure that I want it to end. As hard as it may be, it’s also full of joy and new experiences. Although I have achieved a lot in my life, I will not settle. I am grateful for what I have, but I will always look for more.



My Leadership motto

"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” - John Maxwell.


Leaders have to have vision, they need to get out of the box and inspire their teams and the others members to learn more, to dream more and to dare for more. Real and positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals and to believe in themselves.

Cristina Micosovici

ex. Sales Director - Just Smile and Travel

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