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HR seminar - future is calling


After last year, something inside all of us has changed. Old, known orders made room for new perspectives exactly as our daily routine is still changing. Can you remember long meetings at the offices, business travelling, coffees in the hallway, long lunch breaks, brainstorming over the table...? Our agenda has changed and along with it also our priorities. What is important and what is urgent? How do we manage our time? It's been almost a year of getting used to this "new order".
How is this affecting us as managers, business owners and how is this affecting our employees seems to be one of the biggest challenges that this period brings with it. 

Our upcoming HR seminar, a part of MY PATH program, will include a sneak-peek at how companies embraced and created their routine within this "new order". We will conduct as we always did, opening up, sharing know-how from the top and inspiring leaders within our community, who are ready to share their dilemmas and solutions on the future of HR within their company.





Let's warm-up and get to know some new and exciting businesswomen!


The future of HR - a panel hosted by leading managers within the BWFR community:

  • Corina Agarici - “Stronger than ever. Working together during an exceptional year of change”

  • Ioana Petrea - "Keeping your team closer (no matter what!) - From the HR manager desk"

  • Osnat Peled - EVO MCBA - A case study of a multinational social media company - Creativity and recruitment during COVID times

  • Rinat Gutman - Job sharing 50/50


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Get ready to create new collaborations!

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