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Iulia Nicoleta Crasmariu

HR Manager  - Ausy Technologies Romania


I am a people passionate professional working in the HR sector. My background is in engineering with a master degree in HR Management and Optimization methods.

8 years ago, I started my journey in the IT&C world having as mentors the best specialists in Romania at SkillValue. Today I am running the HR department within Ausy Technologies Romania, with enthusiasm and a great team.



My Leadership motto

We’re all in this together! We grow together! When we truly take care of the people who it is in our privilege to work with we win. And by we i mean everyone: yourself, the team, your clients, and the business. Each of us is on a different journey, from a different background and with a different future. But at the root we are all the same. Most of what we learn about ourselves we learn from our challenges.  Explore. Dream. Discover. Experience everything.

Take the opportunity to learn and enjoy the process.

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Iulia Crasmariu

Iulia Nicoleta Crasmariu

HR Manager  - Ausy Technologies Romania

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