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My Path - Growing MY Business

HR Seminar & Workshop

17:00 - 18:30


“If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else.” (Laurence J. Peter, Canadian author)

Are you ready? A brand new year is just around the corner!

Planning your goals and strategy annually is definitely going to make a difference within your company. It will give you both the purpose and the means to start the new year with a conqueror mentality. 

This workshop will provide you with the necessary tools to apply, so that both you and your company will thrive in 2022!

We are welcoming BUSINESSMEN to join us as well! 

*** We kindly ask you to keep in mind that this event will follow and respect every requirement and regulation imposed by the medical situation. Therefore, if a meeting offline won't be possible, the event will move to an online platform.




Welcome & networking

Let's warm up and get to know some new and exciting businesswomen!

Before we open our brains, let us warm up with coffee, tea and conversation.


PLANNING 2022 workshops: 

  • To be updated!


BWFR networking session

Get ready to create new collaborations!

Our speed-dating circles are ready to go...

Don't forget your business cards!


No events at the moment
No events at the moment


Need more info?

BWFR Coordinator - Diana Roșoga 
0752 229 342 
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