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International Business
Women's Day

Our leadership Journey:

Inspiring leadership stories & Networking

When & where?
22.09.22 18:00 - 21:00
Bucharest - Mindspace business district

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On this International Business women’s Day, we will meet offline for an exciting and inspiring evening!
We are celebrating the last edition of our leadership program (ed.4) with a great team of leaders, startups, and NGOs from our community.

During this event, we will hear fascinating stories from our Leadership Program alumnae, who offered their mentorship and support to selected mentees within the BWFR community. In addition, every team will reveal on stage their projects, learning curves, KPI’s and success stories, aiming to inspire all of us on their path to success.

Businessmen are invited as well!

Moderators & special guests 

BWFR program management team 

Mentors & mentee