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A great start for BWFR Women Leadership Program.

On Tuesday, October 24, BWFR hosted the first monthly Women Leadership Program workshop “Lead self”. The event is one of the two seminars to be organized under the module 1: “Becoming centered leaders”. Our aim is to find together with the program participants ways which could actively build the right set of skills to become more self-confident and effective leaders.

It was an honor and a privilege to be among the team that kick-started this unique leadership program for women entrepreneurs. Following BWFR slogan - Inspire us and be inspired - I can see that the program aims not only to form better leaders but also to inspire other members of our organization,” said Silvia Dulgheru, one of the two speakers, business development director at Hill International. “I was expecting it to be full of energy, powerful emotions, and great information and fun. It exceeded my expectations: organization, theme, its presentation and foremost, the participants' diversity, their eagerness to be there, to share and receive 100%.”

The “Lead Self” workshop focused on providing the participants the right foundation: to clarify who they are and where they want to go in their leadership journey. One must first know how to lead self to be able to lead others therefore, our trainers explained to the participants how to identify core values and strengths and why is so important to imagine the leader they want to become.

It was a great session. Going over a few tips to guide, inform and propel women to become the best leaders as part of the first women leadership program in Romania opened to women business owners,” said Paul Renaud, the other trainer, an ICF certified coach and TED speaker. “The double bonus in fun was to listen to Silvia Dulgheru speak – this lady is inspiring and a role model!”

I’ve been honored to moderate the first workshop of our recently launched BWFR Women Leadership Program. Our speakers, Silvia Dulgheru and Paul Renaud, inspired us with great role models and with lots of tips about combining both practical and ideal aspects of leadership in all areas of life. The attendants had been endowed with tools to help them clarify their own values and discover their strengths. They are now fully equipped to step forward in this leadership journey that we started together. Great project imagined by Osnat Peled and put in practice together with Roxana Craciun and Madalina Randasu. Thank you, all!” Gabriela Dura, BFWR Women Leadership Program Moderator, CEE, B2B BTL manager - UPC

BWFR Women Leadership Program is a one-year long and practical program, aiming to build capability and skills for emerging and aspiring female leaders across all sectors and industries in Romania. This initiative is the first women leadership program in Romania opened to women business owners. More details about the program here.

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