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2:12:20 My Path & BE Club - WORKSHOPS & NETWORKING

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Can businesswomen discuss make-up and styling? Yes, of course, we can, but since we are so busy, we dedicated our PART A for this evening to a stylish makeover of three selected members who needed a change.

“It's not about BIG changes. choose a change that you can manage and sustain alone” – Denisa Hazaparu

Sometimes you need a change. You want to look on the outside exactly how you feel on the inside. The women in BWFR know this too, and that’s why during Part A of our event, we witnessed how 3 gorgeous women changed their style, with the help of Denisa Hazaparu (founder of D’Hairapy Beauty Bar). Denisa chose to focus on maintaining the natural look of the 3, giving us all some tips and tricks about how to handle our not-so-friendly hair, at home, in a 10-minute step-by-step routine.

Denisa’s concept is to make women feel spoiled: at her hair salon, women can bring a friend and have a nice coffee and chat, while having their hair done!

· Florentina Maghiari – corrected haircut and dye, learned what steps to follow at home, by herself.

· Simona Vasilescu – has afro hair, which may sound complicated but with Denisa’s help, she finally learned how to love it!

· Adelina Bunea – after some years of putting herself second, she learned how to see the beauty in herself again, with the right highlights and bangs.

📷 Your photo is like your brand, so make sure you find a photographer who understands your message to the world!

During our 2:12:20 event, Cristina Adam, a passionate photographer, strived to capture the best emotion and expression of the people she took pictures of. Building a relationship with her customers, knowing them, their vulnerability and potential is what makes her photos great.

It’s all about saving time.

– During the whole event, some lucky BWFR members had their nails done by Office Nails– a new business concept that take the nails salon to your workplace, knowing 2 things: you rarely have enough time to do your manicure & a good manicure can instantly boost your mood.

Be honest, keep on learning and give back to the community – summary of 2:12:20

Mădălina Samoilă, a Branding Expert/ TV Journalist, moderated the second part of our event. Madalina had 5 specific questions for each panel member: Irina Vasile - Partner at Vasile Attorneys, who started her business 2 years ago, Aura Icodin – founder and CEO at A_BEST Foreign Language Center for the past 12 years and Osnat Peled, - Managing Partner at MCBA EVO for 20 years:

Irina’s story – Be courageous!

Perhaps it’s common for women: after she gave birth to her second child, her priorities changed: a corporate career didn’t seem as important as spending quality time with her loved ones. She kept going because she believed all good things require patience and with lots of work everything can happen. She believed in herself and was sure about one thing: it’s important to find something you like to do like a calling and things will start happening and you’ll find your balance. When she first started, she didn’t know business lawyers, but a friend working in a big law company gave her a good piece of advice: to acquire as much knowledge and valuable experience as she could, and then start a personal business. For Irina, a manager has to be brave, to courageously take decisions and guide the team.

Aura’s story – Delegate more, don’t do everything yourself!

As a former teacher following her dream, she understood how important time was, so she decided to offer it to her students and help them invest their time in high standard, customized training. She learned how important is to stay committed to learning every day, from different domains (financial, marketing, etc.); make this continuous learning your lifestyle. Furthermore, two things she considers as among the most important in business: put your clients first - you wouldn’t exist without them and delegate more - stop doing everything yourself! Aura was inspired by her former Latin teacher from Focsani, who brought the sun in her life, worked with her for 4 years in high school, for the Olympics, inspiring her with a lot of things. And that’s exactly how she envisions a great leader: someone who has the power to inspire a team, make it follow and believe in her/him.

Osnat’s story – Understand the importance of networking!

At 22, having a successful and well-paid job, she felt unhappy with her life, burden by being an employee. But thanks to her partner’s support, she understood that she needed to start her own company. Although there were ups and downs, she had a clear mindset: one can always go back to being an employee, no matter what happens. And one more thing: support from loved ones is a must, especially when you’re at the beginning and have to face a few rejections. Osnat had important advice for us: “give some credibility to yourself and if bad things happen, just step away for a second, take a breath and then come back and solve it”. She shared three business values with us: 1. Be an expert in what you do and don’t try to do absolutely everything just because you fear loss. 2. Choose your clients – we have limited time, energy and capacity so don’t make it about a huge portfolio but about the right clients. 3. Don t be afraid to talk about money – when you are afraid to do so, you’re blocking prosperity from your life. As a beginner with few connections, she enrolled in a business women community – though shy and inexperienced, she made her way through, met a much older woman and talked to her all day, during an event – the next day she called her to introduce her to a manager and close a deal. Though shocked and quite unable to understand why would she be so nice, a bell rang: it was the power of networking: she helped Osnat because one day she knew that Osnat would help her too: they became business friends. But before knowing his business friends, a leader needs to understand herself/himself first. Know what you can and what you cannot do. Find your strengths and weaknesses and work around that.

Keeping in mind what Osnat Peled said about networking, that was exactly how we ended our 2.12.20 seminar: we were divided in groups and had 3 amazing sessions consisting of business cards and personal career info exchange!

We thank again our sponsors, ALKA and EDENIA, who brought us cookies, crackers and a lot of delicious pie!

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