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BWFR’s HR Seminar, My Path - the community’s path

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Employer branding requires a lot of attention and work and this is why BWFR had the pleasure to organize and host the HR Seminar, My Path – or how our path is interconnected with the community’s path. Roxana Craciun, part of the BWFR Advisory Board, introduced the stories behind the people, inspiring them to share their experiences, for the benefit of the community.


“We need to adapt to the reality of the market.”

Olivia David - PP HUB Manager Professional & Executive Search at Adecco Romania, showed us how the active population, salaries, employment and talent have changed in the past 30 years; and she made one thing clear: we need to be dynamic and flexible, to adapt to the new reality of the market.


“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel." – Maya Angelou

We all deal with obstacles in our lives, from time to time. That’s why our speaker, Tatiana Mircea - Director of Human Resources at Nobel, shared an inspirational story, a real experience about overcoming sudden challenges and adversity, by changing the perspective: more empathy for the employees. And by understanding their needs and changing its approach, the company was able to grow and improve their brand.


“Know how to balance your situation and boost your employer branding.”

Osnat Peled - Managing Partner -MCBA EVO employer branding online solutions, shed some light on the dissonance that sometimes appears between how employers are and how employees see them. To build their brand send a correct message that would be easily understood, the employers need creative, engaging content, of course. But a good message is only useful if it reaches its audience, and for that we need tech. This is where MCBA EVO steps in and bring solutions, by finding a balance between good engagement, likes and trust.


“To win in the market place, you first need to win in the workplace” Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell's Soup

Bogdan Oprea - Managing Partner at Aventurine – told us how to win at recruiting talent and retaining it: first we must understand a candidate or employee’s attitude and then connect it to the right opportunities. But there is a key-factor, though, that an employer should consider: listening to her/his employee more and making sure that she/he knows is feeling appreciated, because once again, attitude is the little thing that makes the difference.

"Networking is not about just connecting people. It's about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities." -- Michele Jennae

Our seminar ended with our well-known half an hour of playful-but-serious networking for our guests. We thank YOU for coming and we’re inviting even more women to connect and share experiences and opportunities.

Special thanks to our sponsors, ALKA and EDENIA, who made sure we’re well fed and have sweet snacks to keep us energized!



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