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BWFR is dedicating the Grand Gala 2019 to PAVEL Association

Every year we continue to grow and obtain numerous accomplishments. Because every success deserves celebrated, we unite all our members, partners, sponsors, diplomats and top managers from various domain into a special night full of emotions, dedicated to a special cause.

This year we chose to dedicate the 2019 Gala to PAVEL Association – an NGO that aims to improve the lives of children and young people suffering from cancer, leukemia and severe anemia by providing moral, informational, psychological, social and material support to children, young patients and their families. Their goal is to renovate the hospital’s school and supply it with Ipads, computers and other technologies to help the young patients benefit of education even from the hospital beds.

To help them achieve this goal, we are organizing a silent auction within our Gala, where our members and partners will donate items or services to be sold. 100% of the money will be directed to PAVEL Association.

If you want to be a part of this initiative, you can contribute by donating any item (accessories, books, clothes, cookies box etc) or a service (a training, haircut, massage etc). For donations and more info you can get from Florentina Maghiari on email here

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