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The 4th edition of BWFR MUZA marketing & PR Seminar brought special insights from the greatest m

BWFR held for the 4th time already the MUZA marketing & PR seminar, which was hosted in the most creative spot in town – MSL The Practice.

Approaching marketing strategies through a fresh and updated lens, the array of speakers spoke passionately about the marketing strategies that they used for creating brand awareness and build communities.

5 steps to make marketing work for you

With almost twenty years of experience, Maria Predoiu – CEO & Co-Founder of shared valuable information with us on “how to make marketing work for you”, a principle that is based on five steps, following exactly the same spirit no matter whether you are a huge company or a small start up. Maria excitement has inspired all of us.

The story of La Strada - A premium brand in Romania

From La Strada, we had the pleasure to host Oana Stincel – Marketing Director at Macromex brought forth the idea that marketing doesn’t always have to be conventional or follow a certain pattern or guide book. Oana shared the unique story of how La Strada brand was born and the key elements they used into building a recognizable brand.

Tribe marketing redefines traditional branding (George “Intelligent Banking” case study)

The BCR head of marketing – Laura Andrei, brought up as a case study the bank’s George platform of intelligent banking. Through the concept of tribe marketing, Laura presented the George platform main values, targets and as well the collaborations with similar online platforms like Uber. Tribe marketing acts like a friend recommending a certain something and how you would rather trust their opinion than a stranger’s. Having Laure with us, has deferentially brought George closer to our hearts, assisting us to create the requested bonding between concepts and people.

Building a vibrant community

Moving on the community management case studies, Serban Marghescu – Community Manager at Mindspace shared the ideas behind the community they created: combining immaculately designed spaces that showcase local culture and flexible worldwide membership programs they adapt to the needs for businesses and creating an almost utopian-like PR strategy.

How to manage a successful online & offline community

As for the questions of “how” and “why” when managing successfully online and offline communities, Osnat Peled, Managing Partner EVO social media and brand reputation management, tacked new perspectives and shared real examples.

Using BWFR as an example, Osnat detailed how at first, EVO and the team, used the online platform to organize events, seminars and build a ‘tribe’ of business women that could meet and uplift within themselves. Successful communities don’t just materialize overnight, especially carefully planned online ones but the most thriving aim to be the answer for the needs of people.

The event included as usual a wonderful networking session between all members, creating new collaborations.

Special thanks to - MSL group for the hosting, our main sponsors - BCR, EVO, Mecromax Thank you Alka for the tasty coffee and the great snacks!

Written by - Unna Dome, guest writer BWFR

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