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BE Healthy (ed.4) 


BE Healthy - ed. 4 - Business women health session - workshop ​& networking

We are running all day long...between clients, partners, colleagues, workers, family, many of us keep forgetting how important it is to take care of our health!

Have you ever felt you were close to collapsing?

Why so many of us do not listen to their body only until it fails?

Let’s learn how to prevent ourselves from reaching this point and focus on prevention on a daily basis!

In this special event, the 4th edition of “Be Healthy”, we gathered top specialists to help us identify what is important & crucial in order to keep us in good health for many years to come.
A healthy business woman is a happy (and productive) one!

Meet The Speakers



Networking Alka coffee corner

Let's warm up and get to know some new and exciting business women!

Before we open our brains...we inject some great coffee and a sweet snack.


  • 18:00 Registration & networking; 

  • 18:15 -20:30 BE Healthy workshops: 

 - ​„Ignite your sex life!” - Liana Buzea/ C.S.B. - Certified Sexological Bodyworker™

- "Bruxism and everyday stress" - Dr. Cristina Mihai - Orthodontic specialist at DentalMed; 

- "Yummy Tummy Bio - The journey" - Alina Frimu - Founder of Yummy Tummy Bio. 


BWFR networking session

Get ready to create new collaborations!

Our speed-dating circles are ready to go...

Don't forget your business cards!



Have any questions?

PR & Events Manager -Miruna COMAN 
0752 229 342 

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Globalworth Campus A, Bd. Dimitrie Pompeiu no. 8, floor 6

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