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17 May 2022    15:00-17:00



We are pleased to launch our unique mentoring program involving 18 selected mentors from our leadership program to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs & NGO managers.

The program provides advice and critical experience in a selected project for each candidate, free of charge for 3 months.

Our mentors are coming from various domains:
Retail, legal, IT,  PR, advertising, NGO management, HR, distribution, hospitality, media,...

The mentoring process is covering all kinds of areas, such as:

  • Seeds development; 

  • Business model & start up your company; 

  • Marketing & PR; 

  • Sales;  

  • Fundraising; 

  • Legal formation;  

  • Human resources; 
    And more!

Last day for applying - 20.4.22!

Can I pitch?

The ideal candidates for this program are:
  • Existing NGOs; 
  • A startup - a company that started its activity within the last  2 years (can be in any form - PFA, SRL, etc.)
  • A company that has been affected by the corona-crisis. 
Applications are closed!

How is this working?

Need a mentor? Apply to pitch and we will invite you to present your needs & your project.
Present your project during the "Pitch 4 Mentor" event & request for a desired mentor.
Each selected  candidate is matched with 2 mentors whom they will meet on a consistent, ongoing basis for 3 months.
You are ready to bike on your own!The success stories will be presented during our event "Leadership:The mentoring journey night".

Meet the Mentors